Vedanta Razz, also known as Headu, is a highly skilled and versatile musician hailing from India.

Vedanta has earned a reputation as a sought-after Music Educator and a prominent Guitar player in the industry.
Currently, he captivates audiences as a key member of the renowned band Gingerfeet India, while also embarking on an exciting journey as a Solo Guitarist.

He continues to work as a music composer in independent films and documentaries and his ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical genres and craft unforgettable compositions has garnered widespread recognition.

Vedanta’s musical prowess and passion for creating remarkable melodies make him standout in the industry.
As a dedicated Music Educator, he shares his knowledge and expertise, nurturing the talents of aspiring musicians.

With his ongoing dedication to his craft and penchant for innovation, Vedanta Razz continues to leave an indelible mark on the music landscape.

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